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SOLD! National Distributor of Drug Testing Devices

Contact Information Inquire Here General Location: Services accounts throughout US
Financial Information Gross Annual Revenue: $1,309,050.00 Adjusted Annual Earnings: $447,303.00
Additional Information General Category: Durable Medical Equipment Specific Buisness Type: National Distributor of drug testing devices Summary Profile:

National Distributor of Instant Drug Testing Devices/kits & many other medically related diagnostic tests. Instant drug tests comprise 90% of revenues. Clients include drug treatment centers, businesses & corporations, municipalities, prisons, drug courts, etc. Lab testing is also offered and outsouced. Largely reoccurring sales however seller does market via direct phone marketing. Website URL as well as 15 additional pointers are included. Contracted fulfillment company handles inventory & shipping. Contact Tom Jones @ 754-224-3111