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Florida Healthcare Business for Sale – Diagnostic Centers, and other Medical Business for Sale in FL

Welcome to HealthCareBizSales.com – a team of experienced and trusted health care business advisors with decades of successful transactions. If you have a medical business for sale, or if you are interested in buying a healthcare business or medical practice, you have found the ideal resource. Tom Jones, is one of the top brokers of healthcare businesses in the country. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we can and will provide you with expert guidance every step of the way.


The experienced team at HealthcareBizSales.com guarantees that all conversations are confidential, and are ready to help evaluate your options and achieve the best value for your business.


Quickly zero in on healthcare business opportunities available in your field


  • Chiropractic Practice for sale Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach areas!

    Broward and Palm Beach 2 locs-Florida

    Two beautifully built out and equipped Chiropractic offices located in Broward and Palm Beach Counties...

    Price: 299,000Adjusted Earnings: 316,240Adjusted Earnings: 152,232

  • Allergy and Immunology Group based in NE U.S.

    NE region of US

    Established in early 2000’s, the Company is recognized as one of the leading groups for...

    Price: 0Adjusted Earnings: 9,000,000.Adjusted Earnings: 3,000,000.

  • Pending – Home Healthcare Agency Available for Acquisition in Central Florida

    Central Florida -Florida

    Full service Florida Home Health Care Agency for sale in Central Florida. Full staff/management in...

    Price: 1,300,000Adjusted Earnings: 2,789,795Adjusted Earnings: 386,927

  • SOLD! Manufacturer of OTC Treatments

    Palm Beach County-Florida

    28 year mfg of OTC treatment for specific dermatological condition effecting approx. 12% of world...

    Price: 700,000Adjusted Earnings: 713,667Adjusted Earnings: 160,199

  • SOLD! Manufacturer of Dietary Supplements


    The company was founded in 2014, as Dietary Supplements , cosmetics and Natural Products Manufacturer.Currently...

    Price: 500,000Adjusted Earnings: 800,000Adjusted Earnings: 200,000

  • SOLD! Medical Supplies

    Broward County-Florida

    National Distributor of Drug testing kits & many other medically related tests. Instant drug testing...

    Price: 1,500,000Adjusted Earnings: 1,309,415Adjusted Earnings: 447,409

  • SOLD! Durable Medical Equipment DME


    Durable Medical Equipment – Niche Platform. Has Retail, Repeat Customers over and over. Accepts Insurance(15...

    Price: 199,000Adjusted Earnings: 299,991Adjusted Earnings: 71,426

  • SOLD! Dental GP and Cosmetic

    Palm Beach County-Florida

    Established general and cosmetic dentistry office in upscale community in Palm Beach County. Great neighborhood,...

    Price: 370,000Adjusted Earnings: 331,286Adjusted Earnings: 191,781

  • SOLD! Dental Office

    Ft. Lauderdale-Florida

    Growing dental practice. Opened December 2015. Only dental practice in a large medical center building...

    Price: 325,000Adjusted Earnings: 611,683Adjusted Earnings: 0

  • SOLD! General Dental Practice in Boca Raton

    Boca Raton-Florida

    Dental Practice for sale in Boca Raton, Florida. General practice established for many years in...

    Price: 125,000Adjusted Earnings: 503,201Adjusted Earnings: 254,224


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Business people who have medical practices and healthcare businesses for sale are going to have a lot of questions, and experience with clear lines of communication are essential. We work within a refined framework that has allowed us to experience an unprecedented level of success. When you partner with us to sell your medical business or practice, you will be dealing with truly knowledgeable professionals with proven track records that are always available to our clients.



Confidentiality is going to be a priority when a medical practice or healthcare business is up for sale, and we have respect and a full understanding of this dynamic. Insurance companies, patients and associates should never know that the business is for sale.  This is one of the reasons why you should engage an experienced business broker if you have a medical business or dental practice for sale and not try to sell it by yourself.

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WWW.HEALTHCAREBIZSALES.COM is the medical industry division of Transworld Business Advisors. Transworld Business Advisors is now one of the largest business brokers in the world, having built a global network of brokers since 1979. You will benefit from that expansive reach as we have thousands of potential buyers in our network. The way to maximize the sale price for your business is helped by exposing the opportunity to more qualified buyers confidentially.  We are tightly focused and have the resources of our large international business brokerage firm with hundreds of offices worldwide to help market your Florida business or practice.

Your Turnkey Healthcare Business Brokerage

When you are running a medical practice or a healthcare business, you may be an expert in your field, but you probably don’t have a lot of experience selling medical businesses. You may envision the need to engage multiple different professionals to broker the sale, and the prospect can sound intimidating.

We established HealthCareBizSales.com to address these concerns. If you have a healthcare business for sale, or if you are interested in buying a healthcare business, we are your turnkey resource.