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SOLD! Medical Clinic

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Financial Information Asking Price: $2,000,000.00 Gross Annual Revenue: $1,371,300.00 Adjusted Annual Earnings: $146,225.00
Additional Information General Category: Medical Practices Specific Buisness Type: Medical Clinic Summary Profile:

Price reflects purchase of FOUR medical family care centers…#1: FINANCIALS FOR THIS OPERATION ONLY IS BELOW.IT is 2800 sf revenues of $1.5M, building valued at +/-$350k. #2: 8000sf building valued at $700k & revenues at +/-$350. #3 Lease of 3000sf, revneues at $350k; #4 lease of 400sf with rev at $500k with dental services. Total 20 physicans, 3 dentists, 5 tranasport vans; medical equipment at each. Medicare, Medicaid, HMo’s, Private insurance, & cash(20%). Financals below are for #1 ONLY. DO NOT PRINT AGENT BLI WITHOUT OUR APROVAL NOR GIVE OUT ANY SELLER INO TO BUYER (FINANCIAL INFO AND RESUME REQUIRED).