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Medical Testing Facilities for Sale


If you are interested in medical testing facilities for sale, then Transworld can help. They specialise in the buying and selling of businesses within the medical and healthcare sector. Their professional team of business brokers have many years’ experience in successful buy and sell transactions within the healthcare industry. They can help you if you are a buyer and they can help you if you are a seller. 

As the demand for medical and healthcare services grows, so does the demand for medical testing facilities.  There are a wide range of medical testing facilities including diagnostic centers, drug testing labs, diagnostic Imaging centers, medical MRI facilities, nuclear medicine diagnostic testing facilities, nuclear medicine diagnostic testing facilities, clinical labs and many more. 


Below are 2 examples of medical testing facilities for sale. There are hundreds more. 


Drug Testing Lab For Sale In Broward Florida 

General Location: Broward 

Drug Testing franchise, operating over 4 years on 2 locations, 3 more additional territories paid pending to open, all included on the sale. Drug test include urine, hair, fingernail, saliva, breath alcohol, forensic DNA, flu shots & immunisations, background screening for… 

Price: $215,000.00 Adjusted Earnings: $50,161.00 Gross Sales: $263,015.00 


Medical MRI 

General Location: Miami-Dade 

Two (2) Fully equipped Diagnostic Imaging Centers in two great locations in Miami Dade County (Westchester and Hialeah). High Field MRI, Multi slice CT Scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Digital Mammography and Bone Density in both locations. All software upgrades to the… 

Price: $1,675,000 Adjusted Earnings: $201,382.00 Gross Sales: $980,320.00 Facilty: No 


The team at Transworld can help buy or sell a healthcare business, whether it’s a general practice or speciality testing facility. They have several medical testing facilities for sale on their books and they can help you conclude a successful transaction.