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Medical Office Sales in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, South Florida, and Surrounding Areas

A sale agreement that includes hospital systems or medical practices should go beyond the numbers.  You might be an expert in running a medical practice but you might not have a lot of experience in selling it. Healthcarebizsales.com has years of experience in medical office sales, dental practice sales, and sales various other medical businesses. Whatever might be the nature of your medical practice, our agents are knowledgeable enough to evaluate your business as per the market rate and are committed to negotiating the best possible price for you.

Medical Office Sales in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, South FloridaBelow we have mentioned a few factors to consider before acquiring a medical practice. Take a look.

  • The seller’s motivation

The seller’s intention for selling his practice should be clear; whether the practice has resources to cover these expenses or whether the seller needs a capital infusion? While making a sale, if the seller is up to date with his third-party billing, information technology system, and is thorough with the employee benefits, it makes the process faster.

  • Non-financial factors

Before the sale goes through you have to cheque whether one or more of the key staff members are happy or not with the deal. If they intend to leave the institution potentially taking patients with them then that is not a good sign as you do not know how the new recruits are going to be.

  • Post-merger integration

Most hospitals or medical offices usually have their own administrative team which works between the physicians and the rest of the organization.  These people work on behalf of both the practicing physicians as well as the medical office. While making a sale, the new buyers should give their position due consideration in the deal.

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