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Medical Office Sales in Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach and surrounding areas

Professional help with medical office sales in Florida

If you are looking for medical office sales then Transworld can help. Whether you are considering selling a medical practice or buying one, they have the experience and knowledge to help through the entire process. The team at Transworld has accumulated many years of experience in the healthcare market. They also have an extensive network of business consultants that extends nationally and internationally. If you want to buy or sell a healthcare business you will tap into and benefit from that vast experience and their extensive networks.

Transworld already have several medical offices for sale in their portfolio. In addition, they have connections with extensive business marketing networks and they know where and how to find willing buyers and sellers. They also know how to manage the buy-sell process which reduces the risk and helps ensure a successful result.

Let’s consider some example of medical offices for sale:

Pediatric Office For Sale In Florida

General Location: Pasco

  • Pediatric practice in fast-growing west Pasco with approximate 1200 active patients.
  • Fully computerized with approved electronic medical records.
  • Stable lease, and themed exam rooms.
  • Price: $140,000.00

Family Medical Practice For Sale In Florida

General Location: Brevard

  • Complete Family Medical Care for Children, Adolescents and Adults including: General Illnesses, Minor Emergencies, Minor Surgeries; Physical Exams for School, Sports, College, Employment, Department of Transportation and Immigration; Woman’s Health, Family Planning
  • Price: $119,000.00

There are many several medical practices for sales and the team at Transworld will help you find the one that is right for you. They have an advanced buy-sell process that ensures a beneficial outcome for all parties. If you want to sell a medical practice or health care business Transworld can help. If you want to buy a medical office or some other health care business, Transworld can help.