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Doctor practice sales in Palm Beach, Miami, South Florida, FL

Doctor practice sales are streamlined with the help of a broker

Transworld specializes in doctor practice sales in Broward, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach and South Florida. You have worked hard to build your practice and when it comes time to sell, you want the best possible broker to help you realize the best price and find the most suitable buyer. Doctor practice sales is not only about money, but also selling your business to a practitioner who will be a good fit and hopefully continue your legacy.

It takes a lot work and specialized knowledge to successfully sell a medical practice. Not only are there business issues involved, there are technical issues. That is why it is better to deal with an agent who specializes in doctor practice sales. Every industry is different and the medical industry is like no other. You need to deal with a broker who has industry expertise.

Transworld has many years’ experience in doctor practice sales and will hold your hand throughout the process. It is a process that involves research, analysis, marketing, networking, negotiations and communications. Three important factors need to be dealt with effectively. They are price, terms and fit. Few brokers are better equipped than Transworld.

First they will determine the market value of your practice. They will consider the size of your practice, the growth potential as well as the current income and expense structure. There are also other factors such as goodwill. They also need to consider past transactions to establish an accurate market value.

Price is not the only factor in the sale. Once you have a willing buyer you need to sort out terms and conditions. This involves negotiation and personal interaction. A broker has the training and experience to negotiate the best possible deal.

Doctor practice sales are complicated, but with the help of a competent broker, the whole process can be streamlined and pitfalls avoided.