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Medical Testing for Sale in Brevard County

Contact Information Inquire Here General Location: Brevard ID#: B117511066
Financial Information Asking Price: $2,500,000 Gross Annual Revenue: $1,400,000 Adjusted Annual Earnings: $702,000
Additional Information General Category: Medical Testing Specific Buisness Type: Medical Testing Facility: Leased Property Summary Profile:

The Hyperbaric / Hypobaric Decompression Chamber chamber is 10 ft. in diameter and is 33 feet in length capable of easily treating 6 patients per session. 18 Patients can be treated in 8 hours. Over 60,000 HBO patient treatments have been treated since 1999. The center is ideal for a multi-specialty medical center that could house multiple specialists including general surgery, podiatry, radiation oncology, and infectious disease. This is a fulltime medical program that treats patients with severe wounds. It is one of the most advanced chambers in the country because it was designed with computer automation. A Hyperbaric / Hypobaric Chamber that can achieve an altitude of 100,000 feet Pure Vacuum / Space or 225 feet water depth. Real Estate & Patent Available. The company specializes in advanced pilot training, equipment testing and flight research. The patent is for a special training program. Their resources can be used in the aerospace and defense industry. B117511066