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Medical Equipment for Sale in Madrid, Spain

Contact Information Inquire Here General Location: Madrid, Spain ID#: B302123459
Financial Information Asking Price: $500,000 Gross Annual Revenue: $1,088,960 Adjusted Annual Earnings: $842,974
Additional Information General Category: Durable Medical Equipment Specific Buisness Type: Medical Equipment Facility: Owned Property Summary Profile:

Successful company in Spain and Portugal seeks to sell part of its operations to expand to the rest of Europe. For 500,000 Euros, the company offers to give the operation for 24 months and make the decision to buy 50% of the company for an additional 2 Million Euros. The return on your initial investment would be in almost 12 months. For more information buyer must show proof of funds and NDA.

Contact Tom Jones at 754-244-3111 and refer to B302123459