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Medical Chiropractic Practice for sale in Sumter

Contact Information Inquire Here General Location: Sumter ID#: b439483729
Financial Information Asking Price: $399,000 Gross Annual Revenue: $327,564 Adjusted Annual Earnings: $143,962
Additional Information General Category: Chiropractic Specific Buisness Type: Medical Chiropractic Facility: Office base Summary Profile:

Imagine an ideal Place for a Chiropractor and compare to this place: fastest growing Metropolitan Statistical Area for the decade 2010-2019, Federal status 55+, the average age of 61 years, and highest average household income of $93,800! Imagine an ideal Location: a unique spot in a major Publix shopping plaza with a captive audience. Now, imagine a 15-year operating Practice that will allow you to provide personalized chiropractor wellness care to your patients with the confidence that you are being compensated for your service. High Patient reviews, fast-paced growth (9.2% in 2019; 23% trend in Q1 2020), and a Cost structure conducive to a fast increase in profits (Cost of Goods is minimal; 85% of the expense is fixed; which means that any 1% growth in Sales translates into 7% growth in Profit). Add to that a commitment of the Practice Owner Doctor to support the buyer for 2 years in an independent contractor or employee capacity and you get the guarantee to keep all current loyal customers and significantly grow sales and profits. Guaranteed success for the right professional!

Contact Tom Jones at 754-224-3111 for further details.  Refer to b439483729 when inquiring.